3. Enlightenment given by animal experiments and early human experiments——The source and development process of Teadenol

Before the award, the experiment of feeding white rabbits with fucao tea extract, the experiment of lipid-lowering crowd and the current drinking experience of elites from all walks of life and the physical examination results after drinking confirmed that Teadenol has been used to regulate various metabolic chronic diseases and has brought actual clinical benefits!

  1. Experiment on feeding a large number of small white rabbits with Fucha tea extract to detect the blood lipid content of the small white rabbits before and after feeding. (Experiment before winning)


  1. Experiment of drinking Fucha extract in the lipid-lowering population (early clinical)

Target: 31 people aged 40-60 years old, with an average age of 52.2 years old, 10 men and 21 women. Sample time: 42 days.

Experiment of feeding a large number of white rabbits with Fucha tea extracts (experimental research by the expert team of Xiangya Medical College of Central South University, pre-award experiment). By detecting the content of blood lipids in the blood of white rabbits before and after feeding, it can be found that after feeding for a period of time The blood viscosity of white rabbits was significantly reduced, the blood flow was good, and the blood color became bright red and clear. At present, people who have metabolic chronic disease experience a clear blood phase, bright red blood color, and good blood fluidity after drinking it for a period of time, and they also show the same and can repeat it in everyone. From this, it can be proved that Teadenol has a remarkable function of regulating dyslipidemia.

During the industrial application of Fucha tea extract, the scientific research team was pleasantly surprised to find that Fucha tea extract not only has a significant function of regulating dyslipidemia, but also has the functions of regulating blood sugar and blood uric acid, regulating glucose and lipid metabolism, and imbalance of protein metabolism. Practical results, thus inferring that Teadenol will bring gospel to people with metabolic chronic diseases such as high blood fat, high blood sugar, high uric acid and the resulting complications!

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