4. Ten years of hard work, the "National Award" is finally born-the origin and development process of Teadenol

Tu Youyou artemisinin, Hunan Tea Group Teadenol! In 2005, Chief Engineer Wu Haoren of Xiangcha Group and Professor Liu Zhonghua of Hunan Agricultural University led the scientific research team of National Tea Processing Technology R&D Sub-center, Hunan Agricultural University Key Laboratory of Tea Science Education Ministry, National Plant Resources Engineering Technology Research Center, together with Tsinghua University , Peking University, Central South University, Xiangya Hospital, Provincial Tea Research Institute and other scientific research institutes at the forefront of biomedical research have cooperated to establish a project and begin the research journey of the Teadenol extraction project!

During this period, it has overcome scientific research problems such as "Porphyra coronatus strain breeding and purification", "Rapid alcoholization", "Loose tea blossom", "Fuzhu tea full blossom", "Comprehensive high-efficiency and safe fluoride reduction" After years of sharpening his sword, he finally discovered the key active ingredient in Fuzhuan tea-the aggregate of Teadenol compounds. And the scientific research project "Key Technology Innovation and Industrialization Application of Black Tea to Improve Quality and Efficiency" won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award on January 9, 2017!

Immediately, the "National Award" project began to be industrialized, and the important sign of the "National Award" transformation was the successful development of Teadenol! On the basis of discovering the pharmacological functions of Fuzhuan tea, relevant scientific researchers have made key technological innovations and successfully created (invented) a group of Teadenol compound aggregates (compounds) belonging to small molecule compounds, and applied them industrially, starting to help many People with metabolic chronic disease solve many metabolic disorders!

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