13、The beginning of creation (invention), the birth of technology Teadenol!


The beginning of creation (invention), the birth of technology Teadenol!

Teadenol is the result of innovative research and development based on microbiome on the basis of the core key technology won by the "National Award"! Teadenol is a new set of Teadenol based on the active organic life microbial probiotics "Coronatus saccharomyces" (commonly known as "Golden Flower Fungus") using tea as raw materials through fermentation (flowering) proprietary microbial application technology. A collection of similar compounds, it is a high-tech Fucha extract of compound "medicine and food homology".

In the process of making Teadenol, the pure natural compounds in tea (plant products) are metabolized and transformed. No industrial synthesis is required during the whole fermentation process. The active ingredients of the whole golden flower tea are extracted using mature GMP biopharmaceutical grade. Technological process. At the same time, the use of pure water countercurrent extraction and -56°C freeze-drying method provides a strong guarantee for the active retention of the water-soluble active ingredients in Teadenol.

At present, after drinking tea extracts that have been proven by frontier herders for thousands of years without any side effects, it plays a key role in a certain link in the body’s metabolism. Corresponding to which one or several of the hundreds of Teadenol compounds Ingredients, there is no exact research results. Its mechanism of action still needs to be confirmed by a large number of scientific researches in the future. Fortunately, this group of Teadenol compounds have shown obvious functions in (strategic intervention) human (animal) metabolic chronic diseases and complications.

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