21. Use the wisdom of the sages of "the same source of medicine and food" to innovate the current concept of treating chronic diseases with "pharmaceuticals", and transform into using "functional foods" to regulate chronic diseases

Use the wisdom of the sages of "medicine and food homology" to innovate the current concept of treating chronic diseases with "pharmaceuticals", and transform the thinking of using "functional foods" to regulate chronic diseases.


Functional food Teadenol, using the National Award Project "New Extraction Technology" won by Academician Liu Zhonghua, is made from the fully-fermented (loose tea) Fucha using pure physical extraction technology. Mainly adopt -56℃ freeze-drying method (the principle of ice sublimation), which can efficiently retain the functional ingredients. Teadenol, a secondary (secondary) new formula (compound) natural compound, is biochemically transformed from the metabolism of living organisms and microorganisms, which is also the basic guarantee of non-toxic side-effect biology.

Most of the current botanical medicines and health foods are composed of single or simple functional components of multiple primary compounds, which can play a targeted role. However, human endogenous degrading enzymes cannot guarantee that all of these functional components will be fully degraded and used by the body. This can also be understood as the cause of "three-part poison".

The wisdom crystallization of "medicine and food homology" that our ancestors have explored for thousands of years can at least be understood as natural compounds (non-chemical synthesis) components that can be used by the human body and play a specific role in overcoming diseases that harm the human body. The source of Chinese patent medicines with positive effects greater than side effects should be the same as or similar to those of commonly used foods, provided that they can be "eaten" in common. This also enlightens us: the problem that medicine cannot completely solve, it should be possible to use "same source" functional food to solve the logic.

At present, we mainly use western medicine and face the difficult reality of metabolic (non-bacterial) chronic diseases. We can make good use, clever use, and innovative use of the wisdom of the "same source of medicine and food" and take the road of technological innovation. Innovative breakthroughs. After the current chronic metabolic disease has occurred, relying on the traditional method of “medicine” treatment, a new way of formulating functional foods with scientific and technological innovations and applying it to the regulation of chronic metabolic diseases is truly realized. Chronic disease can only be controlled and managed, but it cannot achieve a breakthrough in the passive situation of complete recovery.

The high-tech innovative category formulating functional foods will give the answer as everyone's experience drinking progresses!

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