25. To regulate chronic metabolic diseases needs to start from the source of basal metabolic disorders


To properly regulate chronic metabolic diseases, we must start from the prevention and control of the source of basic metabolic disorders.

We all know that most chronic diseases (about 90% or more) are directly or indirectly related to the basic metabolism of human sugar, fat, protein and other nutrients, and are classified as metabolic chronic diseases.

The human body's metabolic pathway mainly relies on the coordinated completion of metabolism by the organs of the eight major systems. Metabolic pathways are roughly divided into: digestion and absorption (gastrointestinal tract), excretion (urinary, skin perspiration), excretion (anus), decomposition and synthesis (mainly liver), oxidation and reduction (all functional cells), etc. We understand from the biological cytology that in essence, functional cells (cell groups) with different divisions of labor cooperate to complete the life activities of the human body. Therefore, the essence of metabolic chronic diseases can also be called"cellular diseases."

The basic metabolic disorder of the human body refers to the abnormality (abnormality) of the body's systemic metabolism at different levels of the functional organs, tissues, and cells of the eight major systems. In general cognition, it is often first to focus on finding problems in the organs where metabolic damage occurs, and trying to solve the problems, but this may be the reason why it is difficult to solve the overall problem of metabolic chronic diseases. Basic metabolism is interlinked and mutually causal. It requires our overall dialectical cognition to avoid systematic cognitive deviation.

We have systematically analyzed the causes of the occurrence and development of chronic metabolic diseases. The main cause of chronic diseases is the abnormal metabolism at the source of the digestive system, that is, the overall basal metabolism is excessive and insufficient (described later).

From the initial cause, it is mainly due to the excessive digestion and absorption of the digestive system (excess), which has evolved over the years to cause the occurrence and development of metabolic chronic diseases.

In the face of the grim reality that chronic metabolic diseases are out of control, and to effectively prevent and control the health hazards caused by chronic metabolic diseases, we can change our cognitive thinking and continue to drink the high-tech creation of full golden flower (full fermented) tea extract The second-level functional compound, namely tuckaphyllin, a brand-new functional food, starts from the source of over-metabolism, and implements a comprehensive plan of “prevention, conditioning, and maintenance” simultaneously to effectively correct the sugar, fat, The problem of the overall basic metabolic disorder of nutrients such as protein, and gradually return to the correct basic metabolic path, to achieve a state of dynamic balance of the overall basic metabolism of nutrients such as sugar, lipids, and protein, so as to achieve the goal of less or no occurrence of metabolic chronic diseases.

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