15、"National Award" transformation result-Teadenol, opens a new chapter in human health!


Cells are the basic unit of human body structure and function. The human body is a unified organism composed of about 40 trillion to 60 trillion cells. Somatic cells and germ cells make up the eight major systems of the human body and its various organs and tissues.

The normal metabolic activities of many cells play a vital role in the efficient, normal and coordinated progress of various life activities of the human body. Once cell metabolism disorder occurs, accumulation over the years will lead to the formation and development of various types of metabolic chronic diseases.

The core compound "Teadenol", the core compound functional component of the "National Award" won from 2005 to the beginning of 2017. Confirmation of the core function of regulating dyslipidemia, and the correct understanding of the whole process of "lowering blood lipids" are the key to regulating metabolic chronic diseases . Conditioning emphasizes the logic of "stabilizing the current", "regulating inflammation", "cell growth" and "full maintenance" for all cell metabolism processes in the human body. The correct progress of the whole process of metabolism is the guarantee of recovery.

Mainly by dredging the blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, body fluid circulation and other circulatory system microcirculation obstacles as the central link, and finally realize the normal metabolism of all cells of the human body, so as to achieve a balance of the overall metabolism of the human body, and remove the undesirable chronicity in the process of life activities. Disease troubles, to achieve a high-quality theoretical life span of more than 120 years old.

"Teadenol", a compound component functional food that was successfully developed based on the classic theory of "medicine and food homology" in traditional Chinese medicine, has been summed up by the current drinking experience of thousands of people from all walks of life, and proven by the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine to help us conquer the world A major, life-threatening metabolic chronic disease has begun to dawn! The importance of Teadenol to all mankind will surely lead to changes in related industries. At the same time, a new chapter in human health will be opened.

Your health, my concern! "Help our relatives and friends to get rid of chronic intractable inflammation, atherosclerosis, diabetes, gout and complications and other chronic diseases!" This is the original intention of our Teadenol people.

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