30、Teadenol is consumed daily.


  1. Teadenol features:

① It is a high-tech prescription functional food, not a medicine.

② It is a second-level new natural water-soluble small molecule combination compound extracted from the whole golden flower tea made from tea leaves as a raw material by fermentation.

③Using -56℃ freeze-drying method (ice sublimation temperature -56℃, negative pressure pumping ice steam) to make solid Teadenol powder (similar to powder).

④Pure physical method, no additives, no side effects.

⑤At least in the temperature range of -60℃ to +100℃, the performance of small molecule compounds is stable.

⑥ Suitable for people throughout the life cycle.

  1. Add water to dissolve:


① Tear 1 packet of Zhenxi·TNATeadenol along the incision and pour it into a water cup with a volume of 400mL.


②Add 300-400ml of drinking water, and drink after a few seconds is completely dissolved. You can also add water and then pour 1 packet of Teadenol. Shake or agitate to dissolve faster and more evenly.


③The water temperature can be selected according to personal habits, hot, warm or cold water is acceptable. Hot water dissolves faster, cold water slightly slower. Warm water is the best, and water at room temperature is also acceptable.

  1. A cup of Teadenol water solution of about 350mL, please drink it in 5 to 10 times. It is best to drink at intervals of about 5 minutes. Try to control it for more than half an hour. It is not recommended to drink continuously in one breath. Otherwise, Teadenol assists in degrading macromolecular compounds and exerts a concentrated functional effect, that is, Fu (brick) tea, which Xinjiang herders regard as the tea of life, exerts its lipid-lowering and anti-greasy function too fast, causing hunger, dizziness, and mild palpitation. , Causing unnecessary misunderstandings.
  2. First drink and regular drink. The structure of the gastrointestinal microbial flora has different ecological characteristics due to changes in personal dietary habits. For those who drink Teadenol for the first time, the gastrointestinal tract will have a process of adapting to the conditioning of Teadenol. about 20 days.

You will find that forcibly overeating, it will quickly cause a bowel response. After the microbial flora that resides in the stomach and intestines that are originally imbalanced and displaced is initially adjusted and adapted, you can continue to drink regularly.

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