26. In the early stage of conditioning, the overall correction from abnormal metabolism to basically normal metabolism can be achieved.


In the early stage of conditioning, the overall correction from abnormal metabolism to basically normal metabolism can be achieved.

In our previous discussion on the evolution process of the occurrence and development of metabolic chronic diseases, we have systematically analyzed the basic metabolic disorders of nutrients such as sugar, lipids, and proteins in the human body. process. At the same time, a basic regular interpretation of the whole process from the occurrence of metabolic abnormalities, after a long period of development, eventually leading to the manifestation of chronic disease (with a strong feeling), to the occurrence of clinical events (falling ill) and life-threatening.

The well-known basal metabolic disorder and excess metabolism are the main cause of chronic metabolic disease and the corresponding symptoms of chronic disease.

At present, people from all walks of life (0 to 90 years old) have experienced drinking high-tech formula functional food teas, and in the whole process of about 30 months of preventing and controlling metabolic chronic diseases, it can be roughly divided into three In the phases, they showed obvious functional effects.

Early stage: Metabolic disorder correction period. About the first 10 months after drinking, the main goal is to realize that all cells with good stock will no longer add damage to disease.

Mid-term: the period of metabolic order reconstruction. After drinking it for about 11 to 20 months, it mainly activates cell metabolism and achieves a positive growth in the overall good cell base (replacement of old and new).

Later period: Metabolic homeostasis remodeling period. After drinking for 21 to 30 months and above (for those with severe cytopathic disease), the net growth of new cells will be achieved.

People from all walks of life who have already experienced drinking tea are generally reported that they continue to drink tea at 2 to 4 grams (in small packets) a day for 1 to 2 months, and find that the amount of food they eat has begun to decrease and gradually return to normal diet. Eat more foods that you usually prefer, you will feel uncomfortable in the gastrointestinal tract (such as fullness, faint pain), and then (about 1 hour) increase the frequency of excretion (stool), and feel comfortable after passing out in the form of diarrhea . This is actually a concrete manifestation of the effect of correcting the function of over-metabolism, and essentially controlling the source of over-metabolism.

At the same time, we collected venous blood from the physical examination center, or from the blood that oozes after scratching and breaking the skin, we can see that the quality of the blood has become bright red, clear and fluid.

In terms of the overall changes in sensation and perception, compared with the physical condition at the beginning of drinking, the significant effect is that our "essence, qi, and spirit" are fully revitalized, and in the following months of drinking, it is "moisturizing things silently." "Continuously.

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