5. Experience the technology of Teadenol, the mechanism and actual benefits of regulating metabolic chronic disease-the source and development history of Teadenol

Teadenol is a group of brand-new Teadenol compounds based on the active organic living organism microbial probiotic "Coronopsis spp." which is transformed from tea leaves by fermentation (flowering) microbial application technology. "Source" compound functional food without side effects!

Based on the current experience of people from all walks of life after drinking all-gold flower tea bricks or Teadenol technology, Teadenol has preliminarily sorted out the mechanism for regulating metabolic chronic disease. Teadenol generally regulates metabolic chronic disease and reverses its complications through three major stages: the first stage is to regulate the abnormal problems of hememia by regulating the imbalanced and shifted microbial flora of the human gastrointestinal tract, so that the blood flow is smooth, Prevent the further occurrence and development of microcirculation obstacles, and ensure the normal metabolism of the original good cells. The obvious feature is the recovery of the body's"sperm, qi, and god". At the same time, the corresponding diseases in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine gradually improve and subside.

The second stage is that Teadenol can optimize and increase the content and proportion of HDL-C, that is, "good cholesterol", during the process of regulating blood disorders, so that the human body's reverse transport capacity is greater than that of cis transport, thereby continuously unclogging microcirculation disorders. This is a key step in regulating various metabolic chronic diseases. It can be evidenced by the changes of the blood biochemical indicators of the human body in different periods of time (technical means).

The third stage is the smooth transportation of various nutrients and immune active substances (various immune cells, antibodies, lymphokines, lysozymes, etc.) transported by the blood circulation system during the process of unclogging the microcirculation obstacles , It can be efficiently and timely transported around the local organ tissue cells where microcirculation disorder occurs. In order to promote the human body under the action of controlled DNA, the cells replicate and grow new cells to replace the damaged cells during complications, gradually repair the inflammatory damage of various organs and tissues caused by various metabolic chronic diseases, and repair the tissues and organs lesions until Good conditioning (strategic intervention) of various metabolic chronic diseases. This requires a conditioning period of up to twelve to twenty months or longer.

Teadenol is a broad-spectrum inhibitor, by treating various fungal infections in the fungal community that reside in the human gastrointestinal tract and around the body and pathogenic microorganisms such as "three bacteria and three bodies" belonging to the prokaryotic community. The number and scale, which in turn affects humans in the animal world, bring hope to the various metabolic chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, and gout that humans are well-conditioned (strategically intervened)!

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