6. It has the function of regulating diabetes-the function of Teadenol

Teadenol generally treats diabetes and reverses its complications through three major stages. The first stage is to regulate the abnormal microbe flora of the human gastrointestinal tract and dislocate it to regulate the abnormal problems of hememia, smooth blood flow and prevent microcirculation. The further occurrence and development of the obstacles ensure the normal metabolism of the original good cells, and the obvious feature is the recovery of the body's"sperm, qi, and spirit".

The second stage is that Teadenol can optimize and increase the content and proportion of HDL-C, that is, "good cholesterol", in the process of regulating blood disorders, so that the body's reverse transport capacity is greater than the cis transport capacity, thus continuously unclogging the microcirculation disorder.

The third stage is to clear the nutrients and immune active substances (various immune cells, antibodies, lymphokines, lysozymes, etc.) transported by the blood circulation system during the process of unclogging the microcirculation obstacles. It can be efficiently and timely transported around the local organs, tissues and cells where microcirculation disorder occurs. In order to promote the human body to copy new cells under the action of controlled DNA to replace the damaged cells during complications,it is beneficial to repair the inflammatory damage of various organs and tissues caused by various metabolic chronic diseases and repair the tissues and organs until Treat diabetes.

How long can drinking Teadenol take care of diabetes? Depending on individual constitution, length of diabetes course, severity of complications, etc., it usually takes about 18-30 months. The specific situation is that those under 50 years of age and diabetes are not serious, generally need to be continuously adjusted for about 12-20 months; those over 50 years of age, and severe diabetes, generally need to be adjusted for about 18-30 months, and some even It takes longer.

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