Traditional Fu Brick Tea, inspired by the “Tea of Life” of the frontier nations-the origin and development process of Teadenol

Teadenol is derived from Fu Brick Tea. Fuzhuan tea has been a side-selling tea in northwestern China since ancient times. It has functions such as removing food, reducing fat and greasy, replenishing water and vitamins. For frontier herders who mainly eat meat, "Why not have rice for three days,"You can't have no tea for a day", so Fuzhu tea is hailed as "the tea of ​​life for the ethnic minorities in the Northwest!"

At the same time, the long-lasting Fuzhuan tea, due to the presence of the "Overlord" Corona bursa, continued to carry out the biochemical reactions of related compounds, so that the quality and pharmacological function of the aged Fuzhuan tea continued to increase, so the border herders in November each year In the spring of April, about half a year when the road was closed by heavy snow, the long-lasting fuzhuan tea was used as a "healing medicine", and the conditioning effect was wonderful!

The ancient Chinese traditional Chinese medicine classic book "Shen Nong's Materia Medica"says:"Shen Nong tastes a hundred herbs and encounters seventy-two poisons a day, which can be solved."The original"Tu"means"tea", which means That is, tea has the pharmacological function of detoxification. Regarding the pharmacological function of tea, the poet of the Tang Dynasty Gu Kuang said in his tea:"The essence of nourishing rice and vegetables, the greasy attack of meat, the innocence of summer heat, and the lethargy of overnight.""Compendium of Materia Medica" also said: "All medicines are medicines for various diseases, and tea is medicine for all diseases.

Xiangcha Group, as a specialized supplier of traditional fuzhuan tea for decades, found that herders drink fuzhuan tea nearly 20kg per person per year, and also found that the incidence of metabolic chronic disease and inland metabolic chronic disease in borderland pastoral areas is 1 The reality of :100, more importantly, the pastoral area in Xinjiang is one of the indisputable facts of the world's four longevity areas!

The pharmacological function of Fuzhuan tea and the reality presented by frontier herders that drinking Fuzhuan tea is not enough and metabolic chronic disease is rare. The R&D personnel of Xiangcha Group got inspiration from this, keenly aware of the health value, and relying on strong social responsibility Xin, since 2005, a project has been set up to conduct special research on fu tea and human health.

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