Teadenol decoction for patients with liver and kidney injury


In order to prevent and control the aggravation of liver and kidney cell injury and effectively reverse liver and kidney injury in previous years, there are methods for drinking teadenol, a high-tech functional food. People with liver or kidney injury, especially severe damage (insufficient liver or kidney compensatory function), should refer to the following drinking methods (standard drinking method for less severe damage) :

Tear a bag of Teadenol along the incision and pour it into a cup. Add about 400mL (not less than 300mL) of drinking water. Drink slowly and slowly after teadenol is completely dissolved in water. A cup of teadenol can be consumed slowly in 4 hours. First-time drinkers should pay special attention to slow drinking. It is not recommended to drink it quickly like drinking water, and it is not recommended to drink it in one mouthful like taking traditional Chinese medicine.

It is recommended to drink with warm water and use a thermos cup to keep the water warm. If the water is cool, add a little hot water and continue drinking.

During the drinking process, if there is a little discomfort, add water, rest for a while and continue drinking after the discomfort disappears. If you feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to add an additional 50-100ml of drinking water to the next drink, reduce the amount of each sip, and lengthen the length of a single drink, subject to your own comfort.

The more teadenol you drink, the stronger the effect. When the liver and kidney tissue cells are seriously damaged, the basic metabolic ability of the body is poor, so it is not appropriate to greatly improve the metabolic efficiency and increase the burden of liver and kidney. It is recommended to drink 1 pack of water every day to improve basic metabolism gradually. With the enhancement of basal metabolic capacity, it can be increased to 2-3 packs per day. The basic metabolic ability of the body is improved, and the overall condition of the human body is changing for the better.

Liver and kidney have very strong compensatory function, do not feel commonly when damage lighter, a lot of people discover cannot or improper return a responsibility. It is often more serious when it is discovered or taken seriously. The reason lies in the pathological changes and blockage of the microvessels that provide nutrition for liver and kidney tissue cells, and the accumulated area is large and the number is large.

The origin of microangiopathy is the disturbance of microcirculation caused by poor blood quality. Material quality is bad is mainly macro elements blood (excess sugar, fat, protein, etc.) and (or) trace elements (iron, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium, cobalt, selenium, etc.) the lack of active substances, including blood cells (white blood cells and red blood cells, platelets, etc.), all cells nutrients metabolism imbalance after the function is not complete.

Continuous consumption of Teadenol can assist in the degradation of excess macro elements and the replenishing of essential trace elements, and comprehensively assist the normal and accurate metabolism of human cells. The function of human blood cells is sound, human immunity and self-healing ability is improved, that is, the dynamic balance between the anabolism and catabolism of nutrients such as sugar, lipid and protein can be gradually realized in all cells. The prevention, control and reversal of metabolic chronic diseases such as liver and kidney injury will be realized within about 3 years.

Teadenol is suitable for people with liver or kidney injury, but it should be taken step by step. Their metabolism also needs time to accumulate, not too eager.