17、The occurrence and development of chronic diseases is an evolutionary process unconsciously and over several years.


The occurrence and development of chronic diseases is an evolutionary process unconsciously and over several years. The blood quality deteriorated due to overnutrition (poor), the viscous (thick) blood fluidity pressure changes, and only a small part of the capillaries are initially affected. In the beginning, several capillaries may be damaged, but if the accompanying blood quality does not change for the better, after several years of evolution, a small area of ​​capillary network damage and disease will be formed in this local environment. The existence of necrosis of these corresponding small diseased tissue cells is similar to the existence of a foreign body relative to the normal working (metabolic activity) tissue cell group around. Follow-up will continue to cause the body to spontaneously activate the rejection mechanism.

The occurrence and development of this non-bacterial (without external pathogenic microorganisms) inflammation is an unknowingly evolutionary process. Even in the process of evolution over several years or more than ten years, the human body is not aware of or has only subtle abnormalities (such as slight discomfort) at the initial stage.

Only in the middle and late stages, the body’s own antibody substances such as lymphocytes, white blood cells, and degrading enzymes continuously act on these diseased inflammation points (foreign bodies), causing non-bacterial inflammation damage points (focus points) to evolve into When tissue growth (granulation, cyst, initial small microfibroids, etc.) hinders the normal physiological functions of the body, people will feel obvious discomfort, such as perceivable redness, heat, swelling, pain, and dysfunction. At this time, many people realize that the damage of chronic inflammation exists. These damage processes that have gone through several years are evolving slowly, long-term, uninterrupted, and unconsciously, and can develop in any tissue or organ of the human body.

As poor quality blood circulates in the vascular network system for several years (several years to decades), the human body often develops thousands of species related to nutrient metabolism and non-bacterial properties inadvertently, unconsciously, and unconsciously. Chronic disease with inflammation as the main feature. At present, various intractable chronic inflammations defined by Western medicine, which is dominated by Western discourse, such as frozen shoulder, cervical spondylitis, arthritis, stomatitis, gastroenteritis, bronchitis, nephritis, pancreatitis, accessory inflammation, etc.; obesity Syndromes, fatty liver, intestinal polyps, genital tract polyps, fibroids, etc.; nutritional and metabolic syndromes such as sugar, fat, protein, trace minerals, etc., which are defined by various complications due to different evolution results And, in the end, can we all sum it up as a metabolic disorder of cells (cell population)? As long as we solve the original cause of cell metabolism disorder and return to normal, we can find the key to solve the problem of chronic metabolic disease!

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