22. Overall dialectical thinking innovation to recognize the causes of chronic metabolic diseases.

Holistic dialectical thinking innovation to recognize the causes of chronic metabolic diseases.


Most of us know that metabolic chronic diseases mainly refer to thousands of chronic inflammatory diseases related to the basic metabolism of the three major nutrients of human sugar, fat, and protein, due to metabolic disorders, which have evolved over several years (years to decades). disease.

Among the chronic disease names defined in various subdivisions, people tend to focus first on chronic diseases that have major harm to the human body, such as the ten typical complications of diabetes in glucose metabolism syndrome; and atherosclerotic syndrome in lipid metabolism syndrome. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular chronic diseases related to sclerosis, fat (fat) obesity, fatty liver, etc.; gout in protein metabolism syndrome, etc. Among them, chronic diseases related to low immunity and chronic diseases related to abnormal protein metabolism are the most complicated.

The metabolic syndromes of sugar, lipid, and protein are distributed in the eight major systems of the human body, and are manifested in the tissues and organs of each system. The nature of the chronic diseases is the damage to the tissue cells of each organ.

When we recognize humans from the perspective of the Earth's biological world, humans are only a member of the biological world. However, no matter how many chronic diseases endanger human health, when we regard a person as an independent and complete living body, his (her) life operation forms its own system: an independently controlled biochemical operation system that follows dialectical unity and overall metabolic balance. The biochemical transformation mechanism, the mutual transformation mechanism of sugar, lipid, and protein is unified in the human body (metabolic mechanism). It also determines that the basic metabolism of sugar, lipids, and protein are interdependent and cannot be separated independently. This is also the reason why “headaches and feet hurt,” and the symptoms are difficult to cure. The problem of chronic diseases must be treated with an overall dialectical thinking in order to return to the traditional Chinese medicine concept of “dialectical treatment”.

Therefore, when we subdivide the types of chronic metabolic diseases, we must trace the origin of each chronic disease in a dialectical way of thinking. Only by preventing and controlling the source of the basic metabolic disorder of nutrients such as sugar, fat, protein, etc., can the formation and development of chronic metabolic diseases be truly solved.

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